Sunday, 15 April 2012

Counter picking

Ok... here it goes. In previous post I didnt stress how much counter picking is important. It can literally lose you the game in champ select. So, i found this site to be somewhat usefull: ,and I say somewhat couse it isnt always correct, since it uses math to calculate w/l ratios, etc instead in-game knowlege. So again, what is counter picking. Best example for counter picking is: lets say in ranked game you see your opponent took Karthus as AP carry. Then  you can take Soraka as support, and even tho you are not on the same lane, you still counter him pretty bad. Lets say that all of your team is on 200ish hp. So Karthus uses ulti and in a game without Soraka he will get penta, but in that game, cause you picked Soraka and you ulti too he wont get a single kill. As I stated before, counter picking is important and it can be used to win a game. So with that in mind, dont jump in a solo queue and when Champ select starts, dont just say "im going mid Ahri, i dont give a shit.... i said im mid first"..... keep an open mind and play what your team needs in order to win. So Summoners, i hope this cleared somethings up a little bit at least. See you in the game. Gl, hf.

Ranked games

As some of you may know, ranked games function somewhat differently then normal games (since there is elo in stake ;D). So, most common startup is: ap carry- mid, ad carry + support - bot, bruiser - top and a jungler.
All roles are very important. And the way ranked games work is that they are not blind picks, like in normal and that means you can see what heroes your opponents take. That gives you a chance to pick a counter pick for their champion. Counter picking means that you take a hero that is the best counter for their hero. So, chose your champion and your role carefully, couse your pre-game decisions may cost you the outcome of the game. Good luck out there summoners and have fun.


Hello my dear readers, this is a new blog that is made for you. And by that I mean that this is a place where you can learn some cool tricks and tips that will help you improve your gameplay and win a few more games than you usually do. My name is Janko and im from Serbia. Im a longtime LoL player, played both seasons. Currently I play for a professional gaming clan, but we will get to that. So stay tuned, and if you are interested in more posts from me you can follow me and this blog so you can know when i post something new.